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Listen Up!

Hi and welcome to Confessions of a Forty-something F##K Up, the podcast for any woman who wonders how the hell she got here, and why life isn’t quite how she imagined it would be.”

Confessions of a Forty-something F##K Up – THE PODCAST

I’m excited to announce I will be launching a podcast series to tie-in with the release of my new novel, Confessions of a Fortysomething F##K Up. For anyone struggling to recognise their messy lives in a world of perfect Instagram ones, this new podcast will celebrate our imperfectly perfect lives.

Keeping with the theme of the anonymous podcast in the novel to allow women a safe space to reveal their personal story, this series of interviews will explore and celebrate the lives of ordinary women, who are no less extraordinary for the way they have faced and dealt with the issues in their lives, and triumphed because of them.

In these honest and heartwarming conversations women reveal their most vulnerable and real selves – to tell like it really is. And the message is clear; you’re not f**king up or failing if your life didn’t work out how you expected it to - if you didn’t tick all the boxes and reach all the goals – if you’re feeling flawed, lonely, scared or confused – or struggling to recognise your own messy life in a world of perfect instagram ones and feeling overwhelmed - you’re just human.

Because this is a podcast that shows us we are not alone. We are all in this together. So if anyone out there listening feels any of this too, now there’s two of us. And two of us makes a tribe.

Please watch this space for news of when the first podcast episode will drop #newpodcast #soexciting

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