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Publication Day!

When Life Doesn't Go To Plan is the theme of my new novel... something I think we can all relate to after 2020! So it seems quite fitting that while I thought I'd be celebrating my book launch with a party for all my family, friends and amazing publishing team (I'd even bought my dress and it involved sequins); I am in fact celebrating sitting on a dry-stone wall, in the middle of a field, freezing my bum off.

But in true Nell style, I've made a list of what I'm grateful for right now:

  1. Thermals.

  2. It's so bloody cold the ice isn't melting in my G&T.

  3. That, frankly, I don't have to wear my party outfit as, after all those mince pies it would take more than industrial strength spanx to get me into it.

  4. This view.

  5. The wonderful NHS doctor who gave my mum her first vaccine (now there's a reason to celebrate!)

  6. My sense of humour, because as Nell says, when life is uncertain everything is a lot less scary if you can laugh in the face of it.

  7. All of it.


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